Posted by: irishdad | March 7, 2010

A pox on my house

For the last two weeks or so we’ve been celebrating the joys of Chicken Pox. Our son is just now down to his last two scabs. People always talk about Chicken pox like it’s a walk in the park but we found it to be a really crap illness. The little fella was miserable for about a week – I slept on the floor in his room as he was waking up so often – and he looked like he’d been rolling around in a combination of nettles and lit cigarettes. Thankfully he’s almost completely better now.

Since I created the draft of this post yesterday, our little girl is now showing a couple of suspicious spots around her body. She’s 12 weeks now and hopefully if she has the pox she won’t get it too bad. So much for immunity.


It’s strange to see spring coming around again. This time last year spring was reminding me of how the world just carries on regardless when our children die. Snowdrops and daffodils were starting to bloom, though I also recall stepping over egg shells and tiny chicks who had fallen from their nests…who didn’t make it.

Now spring is here again, and we have come a long way in the 16 months since our littlegirl died. She’s still an everyday presence in our lives and memories still come rushing back at unexpected times; preparing the dinner, sitting on the bus going to work…you know the routine…completely out of the blue you remember some painful detail of birth or getting the news, or the general hugeness of living without your child hits you.

Today we’re supposed to go to the christening of a friends child. We said we would go but I’ll be ringing shortly to cancel as I just don’t think we’re ready to make our ‘big group debute’ at this time. We’ve only been out in company 3 or 4 times since Littlegirl dies so we don’t feel prepared yet to go to a occassion that will be all about babies. (And perhaps all about how wonderful our new baby is – without mentioning Littlegirl) I hope they understand.

Our friends baby who was desperately sick over Christmas is not really out of the woods yet. Since she was sent home from the hospital after her initial spell there she’s had trouble feeding and hasn’t gained much weight in all this time. Her parents are under such terrible stress and fear as she needs to gain strength before facing another operation. Tube feeding with special feed has been started in recent days so hopefully that will be beneficial.

In other news, I’ll be losing my job at the end of the month. This makes it twice in two years that I need to search for a job. The revenue coming in from the projects I manage just isn’t there this year, so I’m out. This time my search will take place in the midst of this country’s deepest recession in years, what an exciting challenge! Thankfully we have some savings and will be able to weather the time it may take to find a new job. We’re very lucky in this regard as so many people are struggling at the moment.



  1. Hey, great to see you back. Sorry to hear about the pox. We’ll be sure to avoid your neighbourhood!
    Don’t blame you for skipping the christening. I just turned down a second birthday party invite. I thought all the first birthdays would be hard, but now the second ones are rolling around, just as Hope’s should be too, and they are still just as hard. And I don’t feel fixed with Angus as many assume I am, so its easy just to say no.
    Thinking of you guys.

    • Hey Sally, I hope you guys and Angus are keeping well. I hear you on the birthdays…I think in general sometimes we just need to put ourselves first.

  2. We’ve also been blighted by chickenpox this past fortnight. Hideous.

    I’m sorry to hear about your job. I hope that it’s a relatively straightforward process finding a new one. There seems to be some cautious optimism about the global economy at the moment, so fingers crossed.

    • The chicken pox seems to be everywhere at the moment. Every creche etc. near us has been hit & it seems to be a bad dose. I hope everyone at your end recovers well.

  3. Hey there! Sorry to hear about the pox. I remember having it when I was little and how bad it sucked! Lots and lots of itching – I still have a scar above my left eye.
    I am sorry to hear that your friends baby is not out of the woods yet. I will be thinking good thoughts for them.
    And I am also sorry that you will be joining the unemployed club. I hope that you are able to find the job of your dreams very soon!
    Gee, that sure is a lot of sorry, but well, I am sorry. I hope that lots of goodness comes your way soon!

    • Hey Angie, thanks. I think our boy will have 3 scars, even though he was very good about not scratching.

      Good news, our friends baby has started gaining weight again after a few days of tube feeding, so her parents are delighted.

  4. Great to hear from you!

    Sorry about the pox, it is good to get it “out the way” but no fun whilst it is there. And you have had so much on!

    And “pants” regarding the job, that is a lot to handle too. I hope you get a great job soon.

    Glad to hear from your comment that your friend’s baby is gaining some weight, more to come I hope

    take care and less knocks in the coming days I hope

    • Thanks LITR,

      the only way is up from here!

  5. I hope that the chicken pox has left you in peace by now. People do tend to dismiss chicken pox out of hand but I remember how horrible it was and I’m dreading the (inevitable) day that J catches it.

    I hope that your friends’ little one is doing well. It sounds as though the tube feed helped to build her up.

    Sorry to hear about your job and I hope that something has turned up in the meantime.

    Thinking of your littlegirl. You are right, living without your child is huge and forever is a long, long time. Sometimes the enormity of it just knocks the breath out of me.

    • Hi Catherine,
      Thanks, yes, the pox has cleared…the boy has some marks in spite of being very good about not scratching…I believe they’ll clear eventually. It’s a terrible dose that’s going around here it seems.

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