Posted by: irishdad | December 2, 2009

The Party

Littlegirl’s anniversary is looming over this week.

In some ways it’s just a dominant part of the mental chatter that’s going on these days. (For example: the coming baby, the bloody bathroom and trying to shave in an airplane bathroom sized sink, how Irish bishops have been fully knowledgable about the wholesale abuse of boys and girls in the Dublin area over the last 30 years, how the country has been covered with unprecedented floods and the fact that Ireland beat South Africa in Rugby at the weekend!)

This evening my wife and I were talking about the anniversary, which is on Saturday, and she said that she didn’t want to focus on what we ‘should be doing.’ I thought she was referring to how we should spend the day as we wish doing something that suits us, rather than what people might expect us to do. But no, she was talking about how we should be celebrating our daughter’s first birthday with a party.

It had never even occurred to me that this anniversary, in another life,  would be a birthday party. That it would mark the successful navigation of the first year of a young childs journey. Wow. How did I miss that?

In spite of a year spent thinking over Littlegirl, I guess I still have some ground to cover.

The river is near our house. It broke its bank during the week. Flooding in the east of the country (where we are) was minor compared to the disaster zones of the west and south.



  1. I hope Saturday goes as well as can be expected and better than feared. I hope you find a way of supporting each other as a family and that you are able to mark IrishGal’s special place in your family some way.

    A lovely picture

  2. You guys have been on my mind a lot over the past few days – I hope you both are able to find some peace as you approach Saturday, even if it’s just for a moment.

    Happy Birthday Littlegirl.

    Sending love…

  3. The realisation that you could be celebrating a first birthday must have been so tough. But I can understand how you feel you ‘missed’ it – sometimes we are so absorbed by it all, we don’t ‘cop’ what is so apparent in others minds.

    I hope you manage to have a peaceful day, celebrating your daughter’s memory. Will be thinking of you, x

  4. I hope that, no matter how you spend Saturday, the day passes gently for you all. You will be in my thoughts.

  5. Thanks everybody for your comments and thoughts.

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