Posted by: irishdad | November 18, 2009

Men talking, about grief.

There was a piece on Irish radio this morning about how (Irish) men deal with miscarriage.

It’s rare enough that these topics crop up on the airwaves, and rarer yet for the male perspective to be discussed so I thought I’d post a link to the show.

The guys are discussing miscarriage and their grief after this tragedy entered their lives. I think any of the men out there who have experienced miscarriage or the loss of a baby will identify with what they had to say. Mothers may gain an insight into how fathers were feeling during the weeks and months after their loss.

To listen, visit this and click on  “I want to listen to a recording of this show” link for The Gerry Ryan Show. If the link becomes redundant you’ll need to look for the Gerry Ryan show from the 18th of November 2009.

Once the show starts in its pop-up window, move the finicky green slider to around the 83rd minute.

I’m listening to the replay now and the first man’s recounting of the birth of his child sounds so familiar to my own experiences.



  1. Thank you for the link Irishdad. Gut wrenching. Interesting (and sadly, unusual) to hear a male perspective.

    • Thanks Catherine…it killed my productivity at work while it was on!

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