Posted by: irishdad | November 9, 2009


Last night we went out for a meal to celebrate my parents 40th wedding anniversary, along with my folks and my brother and his wife.

It was a fun night and the meal was excellent. It was a little jarring though to be raising our glasses in celebration just weeks before Littlegirl’s anniversary and our third baby’s scheduled birth. I think it was just the fourth time that Irishmam and I went out in company since our baby died last December, so for us it was a big deal to be out. In fairness though, my parents do have a great marriage and they deserve to celebrate it.

At one point my mum said she thinks that my brother and I and our wives will be similarly happy in our married lives. At the time I was thinking that we hadn’t exactly got off to the best start – what with the dead baby and all – but I suppose that an event like the death of a child is going to test your relationship in ways you would never imagine.

Irishmam and I have been presented with such a scenario and I guess we have done ok so far. We both agree that our relationship has become stronger over the last year. With some hard work maybe we’ll be able to pull off a successful marriage like my parents. I would be pleased by that.

Here’s some eighties fromage that my dad used to belt out at the time. Check out the pantaloons on Ashford??



  1. Irish Dad
    Good to hear from you again.

    Love the video – sooo dated! Will our kids look at us and our music videos and think the same?

    I guess these events must allways be bitter sweet – sweet because it is a happy day, bitter because it is wrapped in sadness.

    hope the pregnancy is going well

    • Hi there,

      there is sadness, though I was delighted to see my parents having a nice time.

      All is going according to plan so far with the baby! Fingers crossed.

  2. lol leather!! yes, I wonder when that’s gonna come back into fashion?

    happy anniversary to your parents.
    Just listening to the lyrics (I do remember belting this too a long time ago!) again

    …when the sky went gray, not run away…

    how about:
    when the sky went black, you didn’t turn your back

    here is to you and Irishmam, wishing you love and happiness for a long, long healthy future together, I’m sure your mum is right, you’ll make it, too.

    • Thanks Ines,

      I’ll be the first to post if I see those pants on the streets of Dublin. (I wouldn’t be surprised:))

  3. What a balancing act. Your parents do have a lot to celebrate, 40 years of marriage is such an achievement.
    But it must have been so difficult to balance that with Little Girl’s anniversary and the anxiety of another birth on the way.
    I also feel my marriage didn’t get off to the best of starts either but hey, if we can get through this one we can get through anything?
    Belated congratulations to your parents and I’m sure that you and Irishmam will make it.

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