Posted by: irishdad | September 10, 2009

Back from holidays

We had a lovely holiday last week, with plenty of warm sunshine.

We didn’t try to do too much and tended to have a big lunch during the day rather than going out in the evening. It all ended too quickly really – we were just getting into the rhythm of things when the time came to pack up and leave.  You know when you get to the point that a snooze after lunch seems like an attractive option that you are starting to get relaxed!

Everywhere we turned we seemed to see people with baby girls who reminded us of Littlegirl, we even saw a family who would have been exactly like us – or vice versa – as they had a boy about the same age as our son and a baby girl googling away (in the pre-Google sense of the word) in her mothers lap.  Isn’t it lovely to get these little reminders everywhere you look?

On the day we got home there was a memorial mass up at littlegirl’s graveyard. I believe thousands of people turn up to hear the mass said in the presence of their loved ones graves. We didn’t go. We’re (at least Irishmam is) up there all the time and we didn’t want to jolt ourselves back down to earth so soon after our limited escape from reality. We also didn’t want it to become an event that we’d have to gather family members for.

Some good friends of ours had a baby girl while we were away.  We’re delighted for them…Irishmam even undertook the difficult task of buying some clothes as a gift for the baby, but I don’t think we’ll be running to visit her. A friend of mine just mailed me to say he might be around next weekend to see the baby, and asked if I had met her yet.

I did not reply that “the next new-born baby I want to see is my own” though that’s a thought that crossed my mind. I think that I could see her but reckon there are significant odds that it would just be too much for me. (Looking at the photos on Facebook is tough enough. They are in the same hospital that we were in for Littleboy and Littlegirl…maybe even the same room, but with completely different experiences.)

Work-wise, it looks like I’m going the “funemployment” route. six months of 3 day weeks and the attendant drop in income. At this point in time I’m satisfied with this outcome as I’m a) still in employment,  b) don’t have to go looking for another job just yet and c) get to spend time with The Fam. My boss suspects that the three days won’t be enough and we’ll have to bump back up to 4 or 5 before too long. Here’s hoping.

That’s all the news that’s fit to print.

With a nod to Bluebird and some of her great posts, I came across this song by J Tillman during the week and have found it to be beautiful. He drums with Fleet Foxes (who I saw on Monday) but has a successful solo career. Enjoy.



  1. Welcome Back! Thanks for the nod – I enjoyed this song and agree that it is beautiful. I have heard of Fleet Foxes but never heard them or J Tillman. I am definitely going to check them out!

    Sometimes, I feel like a baby girl magnet when I am out in public. And for me, they all seem to have dark hair like Maya – are there no blond babies anymore?

    Maybe we just notice them more because we should have our girls with us…

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