Posted by: irishdad | August 26, 2009

Time to talk

About two months ago Irishmam and Littleboy went abroad to join Irishmam’s sister and her kids who were on holiday.

As a result I was going to be left to my own devices over a weekend, and decided to take an opportunity to do something different rather than spend the time at home.

After briefly considering visiting this Tibbetan Buddist retreat centre (Alas, it was a bridge too far for me to go meditating for the weekend even though the location looks to be stunning and so peaceful!) I settled on a sea kayaking trip to Ireland’s only marine reserve – Lough Hyne – in West Cork. The kayaking was to be a one day affair & I decided to do it on my own. Given that West Cork is a long drive from Dublin I figured I’d go as far as Cork city on the Friday after work and head for the rendezvous point early the next morning.

The 3hr drive to Cork went well and I enjoyed listening to the radio and music. I had a quick beer in the hotel and went to bed…to wake up to torrential rain and wind.

I set off down the increasingly narrow roads through driving rain, receiving a call about half way there to tell me that the kayaking was cancelled.

So now I had accommodation booked for the night in a pretty harbour town deep in West Cork, and a whole day to kill. When I reached Baltimore it was raining harder than ever so I dropped my bags and took my book into the pub next door. (You’ll never be alone if you’ve got your book!) The place was packed with sailors who’s day out had been cancelled due to the conditions.

As I spent the afternoon supping on a pint and reading my book I realised that what I really wanted from this trip was for someone to strike up a conversation with me and ask me about myself and let me unload my sorry story on them. I needed someone to listen to me.

As the day went on I realised it was time to look up the bereavement support guy that Irishmam had been meeting. My decision was made.

That evening the weather began to clear and I could finally see the full beauty of Baltimore and its situation – if you are ever in the area do go and have a look.

The following morning before I had to head for home I spent a some time at a local viewpoint called the Beacon, watching the waves roll in, thinking of Littlegirl and how much I’d love for her to see that place, and generally connecting with the power of nature and the calmness that can come from watching the waves roll in.

I left Baltimore after my whirlwind trip resolved to contact The Bereavement Guy and feeling glad to have spent a little time on my own thinking things through.

Hopefully next time I’ll get down there for longer and bring the family along for the ride.

Looking South East from The Beacon, Baltimore, West Cork.

Looking South East from The Beacon, Baltimore, West Cork.


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