Posted by: irishdad | August 25, 2009

Status update

My dad had a stress test yesterday, which had to be stopped after two minutes as his heart rate went off the charts. This (I think) is because he has been taken off his heart medication so that any tests will reveal the true condition of his heart – as a result, his underlying problem of faulty heart electrics is shining through.

So now he is down on the list for an angiogram. I hope that he gets it done today and gets to go home as he’s been in there for five days so far, generally feeling fine and just waiting around for the tests.

I don’t think he is at any immediate risks to his health but I’d love to see him hope and at ease (mentally and physically)

On the job front, one of the guys here in work announced this morning that he has been given a ‘heads-up’ that things are not going well for the business (we do web development) and he may be let go in about 1o days time. So now there are two of us in the same boat. While I was giving my continued employment about a 50:50 chance I’m not so sure now. I’m writing a mail to the two bosses stating my willingness to do a shorter week or take a temporary pay cut. I guess the next week or so will tell…



  1. I hope that the angiogram goes well and your dad can go home soon. Hospital stays and waiting around for tests can be so draining.

    Good luck with the job front. Hopefully your willingness to cut hours or pay gets through to your bosses and you can work something out.

    No luck for me yet on this side of the pond. I am considering going into business for myself to bring in some extra money…

  2. Thanks Bluebird,

    I think he is down for the test tomorrow (thursday) with the unlikely possibility of being fit in today.

    We are going on holidays on Saturday so hopefully he’ll be home by then.

    Sorry to hear that your job search is taking a while, I know it can be very dispiriting…I don’t really know what I’ll do if I end up back on the streets.

    Going into business for yourself sounds good, at least you’ll have some control over your own destiny!

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