Posted by: irishdad | August 13, 2009

What’s in an (early) name?

I just spotted this article on the BBC website.

It’s about the taboo of announcing baby names before they are born.

The article basically says it’s just not cool to be announcing your baby’s name before he or she is born. And how in this day and age it’s nice to keep some things private…if indeed you have found out the sex of your baby.

However, there is just one reference in the comments to the concept of things not always going according to plan.

God bless the innocence of the writer and those readers who seem to just assume that everything will be fine.

This is the kind of stuff that raises mixed emotions in me.  Sometimes I’m happy enough to see people in the media and on Facebook and the likes announcing “we’re having a baby” or “I’m gonna be a daddy” and just assuming that all will be well.

Other times I feel like saying ‘Oh, yah think? Don’t count your chickens my friend.’

This is what happens I suppose when your innocence gets taken away. I was that presumuptive person in my past life. We’d say ‘please god all will be well’ but we never really believed that they wouldn’t…

On balance I suppose you might as well remain innocent for as long as you can.

Fin de Rant



  1. I phenomone of women getting pregnant and just assuming they will leave the hospital with a living, breathing baby “blissful ignorance…”

    I’m all for naming the baby, calling it by it’s name, bonding with it…all that jazz…I’m glad I did because I would have regretted not naming them in light of what happened.

  2. We named our baby a couple of weeks before she died. It was wonderful to stop saying it and start saying her. Even better to stop saying baby and start saying Abigail. There is something powerful in a name and it seems like the only thing we were able to do for our daughter.

    The article was as you say naive. I think the comment that refered to it going bad was “I fell there’s something both rather tacky and chicken-counting about naming your unborn child… What if, God forbid, your baby does not survive to birth?” I think this woman is fairly NAIVE too – if your baby died I think having named it would hardly be the problem! In fact that would be one of the few things you could hold to! So blissfully ignorant.

  3. We named Maya just days after finding out she was a she. We told people her sex but didn’t share her name with anyone – we felt like we had to have some sort of surprise ending to it all. But instead of it being a fun surprise, it just ended up being a sad, unexpected ending.

  4. We had names in mind for both of our babies.

    We didn’t know Littleboy’s sex so we had a couple of boys and girls names that we liked picked out, and then when he was born we decided on a name that we love and that suits him.

    With Littlegirl we knew the sex but didn’t tell anyone. As she was going to be the first girl in either of our families she was going to be a great surprise to everyone. We were thrilled to think of how much happiness she was going to bring.

    We had a shortlist of names for her, but again we didn’t decide until she was born.

  5. I named my babies so early before I even knew they were girls. It helped me connect with them, and yet I found myself getting annoyed with people referring to my babies by their name before they were born. It takes the right to change my mind away from me. But I just think all this sort of jinxing stuff people get nervous about is silly. Life is a random, chaotic shit storm. Sometimes you get caught in the eye. We did. Name your child, if you want, and enjoy the time you get to use it, however long or short it may be. My rant is finished. Sorry about that.

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