Posted by: irishdad | August 6, 2009

Why I’m going to see a counsellor.

While much of the content I’ve written to date has been retrospective, I am in fact living in the present. And in the present I have recently decided to go and talk to a counsellor. My first session will take place tomorrow morning.

During the early months after Littlegirl was born I didn’t really see the point of therapy, or how it might be of benefit to me. My wife went to talk to a counsellor who ended up crying with her for half the session so that didn’t encourage me much either. It made me suspect that counselling is an area that is largely unregulated and as a result the levels of professionalism may be hit and miss.

(NOTE: I don’t know if counselling is regulated or not in Ireland, this is just my perception.)

As the months have passed I have been aware that I have got some relief from talking with people about everything that has happened, but also that opportunities to talk can be pretty limited, particularly among men.

While Irishmam and I do talk about Littlegirl and life without her on a daily basis, we are both very close to the problem so it has been nice to occasionally speak with someone who is at a remove and might have a different perspective on things.

I’ll put up a post on how I finally decided to see the counsellor tomorrow…and on how I got on with him.


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