Posted by: irishdad | July 24, 2009

One birth, several deaths.


I’ve been thinking about this blog for a long time now. Sometimes lying in bed I’ll have a piece half written in my head, and then wonder why I haven’t got my act together to actually start writing.

So here’s the start.

This is the story of the death and birth of my daughter, who was born early in December 2008. She died the day before she was born, which was 4 days before she was due to be delivered. She was kicking away in the evening before we went to bed, and she left us sometime during the night. We don’t know what happened.

I do know that as she was born, in many ways all the people who loved her and anticipated her presence in their lives died. Her mother, me – her dad, her grandparents and aunts and uncles. All of us lost the lives we had been living up to that point, and began new lives in the cold light of a sunny winters day.  I suppose we passed each other at the door.

In the main this blog is/will be my story and I won’t try to represent anyone else. I can’t, I can barely know myself these days so I won’t try to speak for another!

For the moment, in the misguided believe that someone will actually read this, I’m keeping myself and my family anonymous…I’m just a private kinda guy.

Next up, I’ll tell you what happened.


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